CMA Robotics (Made in Italy)


  • Electronically controlled machine, with 6 axis, designed to automatically perform general painting and spraying operations, both with liquid paint and powder paint for spraying wooden, metallic, plastic, surfaces, such as glassing of sanitary items and application of resins.
  • To program the working cycles, there are 3 functions available:
    • Direct self-learning
    • Point to point system (PTP)
    • Point to point Joystick system (PTP-J)
  • With the point to point system, the programming consist of surveying and processing, by an arranged software, some geometrically important points of the surface to be paint. It’s possible to make adjustments in any moment, both of the points and of process parameters.
  • Storage and management of the programs is performed by means of Personal Computer integrated in the control; the programs are ordered by means of alphanumeric codes on compact flash units with the possibility of back-up
  • The programs can be selected manually by means of the standard keyboard with fast search system.
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