The EAS(Y) 300 MINI PRO is built with aluminium pattern where it’s base frame is constructed using aluminium extruded profiles. The T-slot workbench allows work pieces to be clamped easily. The portal is powered by precision ball screw drive under the table. The recirculating ball bearing guides enable an easy, smoother and accurate run.


EAS (Made in Germany)

Mini Sizes Desktop CNC Router Machine Eas(Y) 300 MINI KG PRO

The Basic Machine consists of the following:
a. 3-axis CNC Machine c/w 3-axis controller

b. NC-EAS(Y) 2.0Controller/Operating Software
c. DC Spindle Motor 1050W c/w 1 pc of Collet Dia. 6.0mm
d. Auto Tool Height Sensor
e. Clamping Devices
f. CAM 2.0D Software
g.  Ball Screw Drive

1. Coolant Mist Spray Unit

2. 2-in-1 Engraving Spindle c/w attachment Plates


Furthermore, the z-axis also comes with T-slot aluminium extruded profile that enables a high flexibility for the attachment of the tools. All of the axis are powered by effectual stepper motor drive. The shafts are designed and built with cover that enables dust resistance. In addition, the high flexible cables in the cable chain assure a longer life span of the machine.

The treatment of wood, plastic, GFK / CFK, Plexiglas, aluminium, brass, copper, and aluminium composite material and so on are not a problem because of its solid design. Nevertheless, the choices for the handling are multisided: milling, drilling, engraving, cutting, dose, cutting cardboard, leather and 3D mould construction.

The EAS(Y) 300 MINI PRO comes with a 3–axis stepper motor control unit MC 200/C/3 axis, 2.2amp. Including USB-Controller with Software. The power supply is 230V, 50Hz.

The EAS(Y) 300 MINI PRO is shipped with NC-EAS(Y) 2.0Controller / Operating Software and CAM 2.0D as standard. Furthermore, the various import files are in the format of NC (G-Code), NCP (isel-format), HPGL (PLT-format), Autocad (DXF-format), Adobe Illustrator (ai-format), Postscript (eps-format) and Sieb & Maier (drl-format).

General Technical Data
Model EAS(Y) 300 MINI PRO
Machine overall dimensions 730 x 520 x 450 mm
Milling table dimensions 440 x 300
XYZ-axis travels 440 x 300 x 115mm
Z-Axis head room 115 mm
Milling table type Aluminium extruded profile T- groove plate
Travel speed 12 m/min (200mm per sec)
Spindle motor DC    1050 W
Power Supply 230V, 50Hz
Drive system Ball Bearing Screw
Operating software NC EAS(Y) 2.0(realtime software)
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