GEM-CX5 Great Counter Top Engraving Machine

The GEM-CX5 with its newly designed controller electronics, faster CPU, support for USB 2, more efficient drives (using less current), completely re-written firmware and more efficient drivers. With re-designed cylindrical drive providing more power and accuracy.New pre-loaded linear rails for longer life plus many other minor improvements. Designed for the countertop or workshop, for customers who have higher demands, the GEM-CX5 is an easy to use engraving solution. It is easy to set up and use in any retail shop or other environment, where fast and efficient engraving of single or multiple items are needed. It is capable of engraving anything from the finest bracelet to a large size door sign or tankard as well as glass items and trays.

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GEM – CX5 Great Counter Top Engraving Machine

The GEM-CX5 is a true four axis machine, giving the user absolute control over the cylindrical axis. The cylindrical axis can be used to engrave trophies, tankards and glass. Using the unique U-MARQ Depth Profile function in our Universal Engraving Software (supplied as standard), conical and curved surfaces are easily coped with. For ultimate versitility the vice beam swings 180° to enable you to engrave larger text areas required on some items. For the Jeweller the addition of the inside and outside ring attachment makes the GEM-CX5 the complete engraving solution. The GEM-CX5 is the ideal engraving machine for the Trophy Shop, Jeweller or Industrial Marker at a very affordable price.

Industrial Engraving
The U-MARQ GEM-CX5 can cope with most industrial marking tasks. Labels, switch sockets, tags, tools, identification plates the GEM-CX5 can handle them all with speed and precision. With a generous engraving area of 231 x 182 mm (9.1″ x 7″), engraving speeds of up to 133 mm/sec (diamond drag), no task is too demanding.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art and easy to use U-MARQ Universal engraving software, the GEM-CX5 will connected to a standard PC or laptop. With its unique 4 axes control system, it enables both flat and cylindrical items in the same setup. The U-MARQ CX engraving software package has the new and unique Depth Profiling function. Also included is the scanning and automatic vectorisation of logos. The GEM-CX5 ease of use enables everyone engraving gifts and jewellery to achieve a professional standard, after just a short introduction

General Technical Data
Flat work engraving area 231 x 182 mm (9” x 7”)
Cylindrical work size: 130 mm diameter (5.1”), 280 mm length (11”)
Z axis travel 55 mm (2.17”)
Maximum vice opening 280 mm (11”)
Spindle motor speed 18,000 rpm
Power of spindle motor 100 Watt Brushless Hall Effect DC motor
Interface to PC USB
Construction Stainless steel spindle, lead screws (Teflon coated) and linear rails mounted on a steel and aluminium chassis
Dimensions 610 x 420 x 430 mm (24” x 16.5” x 17”) Weight 68 kg (150 pounds)
Operating environment Temperature  5 to 38°C (41 to 100°F) humidity: 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
Acoustic noise level No-load operation  80 dB (A) or less standby: 50 dB (A) or less
Supplied accessories


Power cable, USB, 120° diamond cutter, carbide cutter, cutter knob, vernier nose cone, light touch, 85 mm cone, face plate, standard jig, U-MARQ CX engraving software package, Quick Start Guide
Minimum PC requirements  2 GHz dual core PC running Windows XP (with service pack 2+), Windows Vista or Windows 7, 1Gb RAM, 100 Mb free hard disk space, 256 colour SVGA display, CD-ROM drive and mouse
Engravable materials  Most materials that are suitable for rotated or diamond drag and some materials that are suitable for deep engraving.


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