GEM-RX5 Rotary Engraving Machine

Highlights of GEM-RX5


The GEM-RX5 is the greatest breakthrough in the engraving industry for years. With a flat engraving area of 160x 75 mm, a self centring vice and up to 70 mm cylindrical(with bangle engraving option). Combining flat bed and cylindrical engraving has never been previously been achieved in a computerised engraving machine of this size and quality before.

The GEM-RX5 has a fully controllable integrated 4th cylindrical axis, which opens up the engraving potential enormously. The RX-4’s 4th axis allows you to engrave multi lines on many items i.e. pens, rings, bangles, small instruments, tools and many other items.

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GEM-RX5 Rotary Engraving Machine

The basic machine will consist of the followings:

  1. 42W Brushless Hall Effect DC Motor
  2. Acetyl Jig Set
  3. Light Touch
  4. Vernier Nose Cone
  5. 11/64” Brass Cutter Knob
  6. 11/64″ Diamond Drag Cutters
  7. 11/64” 6.5” Solid Micrograin Carbide Cutters
  8. USB Cable
  9. Power Cable
  10. GEM-RX 8 Basic Engraving Software, quick start guide all manuals supplied on CD
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General Technical Data
Model GEM RX5 Engraving Machine
Machine dimensions (mm) 340 x 275 x 240 mm
Machine weight 18 kg
Flat Engraving Area 160 x 75 mm
Cylindrical work size 70 mm
Maximum vice opening Centre vice 145 mm
Z axis travel 60 mm
DC Spindle motor 42 W Brushless Hall Effect DC motor
Up to14,000 rpm
Power consumption 3.0 A at 117 V, 1.6 A at 230 V
Interface to PC USB Adapter
Minimum PC requirements 2.4GHz Pentium 4 PC running Windows XP or Vista, 1Gb RAM, 100 Mb free hard disk space, 256 color SVGA display, CD-ROM drive and mouse

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