GEM-TX5 Perfect Small Engraving Machine

The Machine
The U-MARQ GEM-TX5 is the fastest and easiest general compact 3-axes mechanical engraving machine in the World to suit any budget. The GEM-TX5 comes with self-centring vice, jigs for holding a wide variety of merchandise (trophy plates, lighters, hand bag mirrors, pet tags etc.). The high-speed spindle motor enables you to burnish into coated metals as well as deep engraving in to some plastics.. Ease of use enables anyone to engrave to a professional standard after just a short introduction. The GEM-TX software has been configured to make a normally complicated task, easy for the ordinary retailer or their staff to use and get spectacular results.

The ultimate small 3 axis engraving machine, at the right price.

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U- Marq (Made in UK)

GEM-TX5 Perfect Small Engraving Machine

GEM-TX5 With a flat engraving area of 160 x 75 mm with self-centring vice.

Pet Tags
The GEM-TX5 is ideal for engraving Pet Tags quickly and efficiently with template for U-MARQ Pet Tags, (much higher quality than most) and other makes. Why be restricted to a small range of tags from one supplier, with the GEM-TX5 you can engrave any type of graphic images,and logos on almost any tag, the only limit is your imagination.

The wide range of push-fit jigs quickly clamp many items, including: medals, cufflinks, watches, trophy plates, pet and ID tags, ID bracelets, clocks, pendants, baby gifts, key fobs, lighters, and other items. With unique pressure settings, even fine gold lockets can be engraved without fear of damage.

General Technical Data
Flat work engraving area 160 x 75 mm (6.0” x 3.0”)
Z axis travel 62 mm (2.45”)
Z axis clearance 30 mm (2.0”) top of beam, 50 mm (2.0”) top of jaws
Maximum vice opening 145 mm (5.7”)
Spindle motor 14,000 rpm, 42 W Brushless Hall Effect DC motor
Interface to PC USB
Construction Stainless steel spindle, lead screws (Teflon coated) and linear rails mounted on a steel chassis
Dimensions 340 x 275 x 240 mm (13.4” x 10.8” x 9.4”) with integrated controller, weight 18 kg (40 pounds)
Power Requirements 110 – 240 volts AC 3 amps
Acoustic noise level No-load operation: 75 dB (A) or less standby: 45 dB (A) or less.
Operating environment Temperature: 5 to 38°C (41 to 100°F) humidity: 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
Supplied accessories Power cable, USB cable, 120°diamond cutter, light touch, U-MARQ GEMTX-engraving software package, Quick Start Guide
Minimum PC requirements Dedicated 2 GHz dual core PC running Windows XP (with service pack 2+), Windows Vista or Windows 7, 1 Gb RAM, 100 Mb free hard disk space.
Engravable materials Most materials that are suitable for rotated or diamond drag.
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