Universal -350 Ultimate Volume Engraving Machine

The U-MARQ Universal-350 with its newly designed controller electronics, faster CPU, support for USB 2, more efficient drives (using less current), completely re-written firmware and more efficient drivers. With re-designed cylindrical drive providing more power and accuracy.  New pre-loaded linear rails for longer life plus many other minor improvements. A true four axis machine, giving the user unprecedented control over the cylindrical axis. The cylindrical axis can be angled to cope with conical shapes or used in automatic centre locating mode for regular cylinders and can be raised or lowered for unusual shaped and sized objects . Ideal for the Trophy Shop, Jeweller or Industrial Marking. The uncluttered design combined with the mechanical stability, enables easy engraving of large or small items. All this on the same system, which seconds later can be engraving lettering only a fraction of a millimetre high on delicate jewellery. The U-MARQ Universal-350 Engraving Machine, takes over where our Compact leaves off. As well as gifts and personal items, the Universal-350 will engrave large tankards, large glass bowls, brass plaques, aluminium signage multiple badges and much, much more!. With its all new high quality, high speed spindle which is almost noiseless, it is ideal for the workshop or retail environment.

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Universal-350 Ultimate Volume Engraving Machine

The Retailer
The Universal-350 is the only real choice for the Trophy Shop and Shoe Repairer. The Universal-300 supports cylindrical, centre vice and flatbed engraving with super quick change modes with out the use of tools. With a solid spindle that can be used either rotated or non-rotated makes the Universal-350 ideal for engraving plastics, aluminium, brass, pewter, gold, silver, glass and diamond engraving of stainless steel. With a 10.5″ cylindrical capacity large cups, glass, pewter tankards and trophies can be accommodated as well as small rings and bangles. The flatbed allows you to engrave a matrix of small plates or a single large plate with ease.

The Jeweller
The Universal-350 is an ideal companion to our smaller GEM range of engraving machines. The Universal-350 can be fitted with many types of jigs and accessories allowing the jeweller to engrave all manner of products including cufflinks, inside and outside of rings, pens, identity bracelets, cutlery, watch backs, pewter tankards, champagne flutes, lockets the list is only limited by your imagination.

The Gift Shop
Once the gift retailer realises the versatility of the Universal-350, they will wonder why they ever considered any other engraving machine (unless is a U-MARQ GEM). Fabulous quality engraving on cufflinks, pens, handbag mirrors, ladies compacts, picture frames, glasses, pewter, money clips, business card holders, lighters, keyrings the list is endless; you can add extra value to all your stock with little effort.

The Univerasl-350 is the ideal machine for industrial engraving and marking of flat and cylindrical parts, identification plates, graduated scales, consecutive serial numbering, tags, tools and a host of other items. With the ability to engrave with high accuracy and efficiency into a variety of materials, the uses for the Universal-350 are endless. The Universal Engraving Software has been tailored to be easy to use without sacrificing functionality, making training easy and quick.

General Technical Data
Flat work engraving area 240 x 132 mm (9.5” x 5”).
Cylindrical work size 265 mm diameter (10.5”)
Z axis travel 55 mm (2.17”).
Maximum vice opening 422 mm (16.6”).
Spindle motor speed 18,000 rpm
Power of spindle motor 100 Watt Brushless Hall Effect DC motor.
Interface PC USB
Construction Stainless steel spindle, lead screws (Teflon coated) and linear rails mounted on a steel and aluminium chassis
Dimensions 610 H x 420 W x 840 mm (24.0” x 16.5” x 33.0”), 78 Kg (171 pounds).
Acoustic noise level No-load operation 80 dB (A) or less standby: 50 dB (A) or less.
Operating environment Temperature 5 to 38°C (41 to 100°F) humidity: 35 to 80 % (no condensation).
Supplied accessories Power cable, USB, 120° diamond cutter, carbide cutter, cutter knob, vernier nose cone, light touch, 85 mm cone, face plate, standard jig, U-MARQ Universal engraving software package, Quick Start Guide.
Minimum PC requirements 2 GHz dual core PC running Windows XP (with service pack 2+), Windows Vista or Windows 7, 1Gb RAM, 100 Mb free hard disk space, 256 colour SVGA display, CD-ROM drive and mouse.
Engravable materials . Most materials that are suitable for rotated or diamond drag and some materials that are suitable for deep engraving

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