Furthermore, the basic machine can be match optionally with accessories below:

  • 2-in-1 Engraving Spindle c/w Attachment Plate
  • Coolant Spraymist
  • Vacuum Pump

Made in Germany

Versatil 1250 / 2500 / 2750

Various Sizes Available:

  • Versatil 1250, (4ft x4ft)
  • Versatil 2500, (4ftx 8ft)
  • Versatil 2750, (5ft x10ft)

Highlights of the Versatil Machine The Basic Machine will consist of the items following:

The cutting & engraving of wood, plastic, acrylic, GFK/ CFK, Plexiglas, aluminium, brass, copper, aluminium composite material and so on is not a problem because of its design.

General Technical Data

Model Versatil 1250 (4ft x 4ft) Versatil 2500 (4ft x 8ft) Versatil 2750 (5ft x 10ft)
Machine dimensions (mm) 1950x1750x1700 3200x1650x1700 3750x1950x1620
Machine weight 200 kg 290 kg 350 kg
Milling table dimensions (mm) 1730 x 1440 3200 x 1440 3630 x 1740
XYZaxis travels (mm) 1250x1250x170 2500x1250x170 3050x1550x170
Z-Axis head room 170mm
Milling table type Aluminium extruded Profile T- groove plate
Increment 0.00625 mm
Repeatability + /-0.025 mm
Travel speed 12 m/min (200mm per sec)
Spindle motor AC Spidle Motor 2.2 KW (With option of 1.1KW or 3.6KW) / DC Spindle Motor 1050W
Power Supply    230V, 50/60Hz
Drive system Dia. 16x10mm precision ball screw driven spindles with linear slide bearing guides in all axis with accuracy +/-0.02mm
Operating software NC EAS(Y) (real-time Operating/Controller software)

Video Links

Cutting Acrylic

Cutting Wood

Milling Aluminium Material

Cutting Plastic

PDF Brochure Download

Download PDF 1

Optional Accessories


Vacuum Plate System Auto Tool Changer System 2-in-1 Engraving Spindle
img-acc1 img-acc2 img-acc3
Coolant Spraymist System  DC Spindle Motor 1.05 KW  Ac Spindle Motor
img-acc4 img-acc5 Untitled-2
Vacuum Pump  Single Fluted Router Bits   Tool Height Sensor
img-acc7 img-acc8  img-acc6


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